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Station Profile

Format Description

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Format:  Classic Hits

Call Letters: CHWK-FM, “The Drive"

Frequency: 89.5 FM

Target Audience : Adults 25-54

Get exposure on 89.5 The Drive and watch your sales soar!

89.5 The Drive's Classic Hits format from year to year continues to remain one of the most popular music formats in Canada.

89.5 The Drive plays a mix of the Classic Hits from the 60's to the 90's and Today's Best Music from the 2000's and today.

Eagles 389.5 The Drive's Core Artists: Superstars such as Rod Stewart, Elton John, Blondie, Bon Jovi, The Eagles, Michael Jackson, The Police, Duran Duran, Heart, Rolling Stones, Huey Lewis and The News, Aerosmith and Donna Stewart make this format one that will stand the test of time.

Classic Hits Is Hot! The Classic Hits radio format reaches over 3.7 million Canadians (13%). The Classic Hits music format has grown as one of the fastest growing formats in Canada throughout the years.

Why They Listen: The top three regular uses of radio for Classic Hits audiences in Canada are music, news and weather. 83% of listeners say they listen to radio for music, 59% listen for news and 52% listen for weather reports.

Where They Listen: 89 % of this group are reached while in their vehicles, 72% are reached at home, 27% are reached at work and 8% are reached in other locations such as the grocery store or the gym.

Reach thousands of potential customers each week on one of Canada's Hottest formats, with 89.5 The Drive.


We Are Chilliwack

89.5 The Drive Reaches 125,000 people in Chilliwack and the Fraser Valley.

chilliwack89.5 The Drive allows advertisers to reach a large consumer group that can’t be reached with any other station.

89.5 The Drive is the radio station that Chilliwack calls its own.

89.5 The Drive is the exclusive home of the Chilliwack Chiefs.

89.5 The Drive is the only Chilliwack station with 106 local news and sports casts throughout the broadcast week.

89.5 The Drive has hourly coverage of local events and activities happening in the city and surrounding communities.

89.5 The Drive is the only Chilliwack station originating 100% of its programming from Chilliwack.

couple shopping89.5 The Drive’s Classic Hits format, born out of the musical tastes of Chilliwack’s 18-54 listenership spectrum.

89.5 The Drive continues to enhance the level of programming diversity and listener choice in Chilliwack.

89.5 The Drive has significantly reduced the level of out-of-market tuning by local residents.

89.5 The Drive brings Chilliwack a true Classic Hits music format offering the best mix of Males and Females for the Chilliwack advertiser.

89.5 The Drive - an Advertising Resource targeting the 18-54 demo with a core audience aged 25-54 - Evenly mixed Males and Females.

89.5 The Drive is highly active in each of the communities we serve, regularly broadcasting live from high-profile community events throughout our coverage area. 89.5 The Drive broadcasts up to the minute local news and information throughout the day.

Reach YOUR CUSTOMERS in this exciting market of more than 125,000 persons with 89.5 The Drive and watch your sales soar! 

Demographic Profile  

The typical listener to 89.5 The Drive:

man headphones 2

Age: Is between the age of 18 and 54 with a core audience of 25 to 54 year olds.

Gender: A 50/50 mix of Male and Female Listeners.

Education: 55% of listeners have a Post Secondary Education or Trade. 89% of listeners have graduated high school.

89.5 The Drive's listeners are primarily between the age of 18 and 54. (80% of the Chilliwack fits in this age group).

89.5 The Drive's core audience is aged 25 to 54 – 72% of tuning is within this age group.

Classic Hits is one of the most successful formats in Canada.


Income And Occupation Profile

man 4

89.5 The Drive listeners have high disposable income.

Income:  36%of listeners have a household income of $75,000 or more. 56% of listeners have a household income of $50,000 or more.

Occupation: Our audience is gainfully employed: 24% are inTrades, 15% in an Owner/ Manager of a business position and 22% are in a Service or Labourer Position.

Target new customers with high disposable income in the prime 25-54 demographic on 89.5 The Drive.

Lifestyle Profile

Home: 89.5 The Drive targets affluent home owners! A huge category with these consumers is home improvement and home decorating.

Home Spending: Started or completed in the past 2 years.

construction 1542% interior painting/wall paper
37% landscaping or yard improvements
27% plumbing
25% exterior painting/staining
24% deck/fencing
22% energy conservation projects
22% floor tiles or vinyl flooring
21% other home project(s)
21% installed windows or doors
77% of 89.5 The Drive listeners own their own home.
34% more likely to own an RRSPs.
12% more likely to have a Household income of >$150,000 annually. 

golf 5Marital Status: 71% are married and/or living in a common-law arrangement, 18% aresingle/never married and 8% are separated/divorced or widowed.

Activities: 89.5 The Drive attracts listeners who are very active participating in exercise and fitness, boating, biking, golfing, camping, hiking and going to the cottage on weekends. These listeners dine out frequently, attend local and regional sporting events and concerts.

89.5 The Drive is the Classic Hits Radio Station of Choice for Chilliwack and surrounding Fraser Valley communities.

Reach This $1.1 Billion Market With 89.5 The Drive

couple shopping 1589.5 The Drive Listeners Have Purchasing Power

18% of Classic Hits listeners plan on buying/leasing a new vehicle within the next 12 months.
15% plan on spending $10,000 or more and on their new vehicle.
10% plan on spending $20,000 or more on their new vehicle.
44% more likely to have spent >$40,000 on a new vehicle in the past 2 years. 
72% more likely to have spent >$20,000 on home-improvements in the past year 
24% more likely to have spent >$1000 on appliances in the past year. 
62% more likely to have spent >$1,000 on sporting equipment in the past year.

89.5. The Drive delivers an active, local audience purchasing vehicles, groceries, furniture, recreational items and activities, investments, travel and more. 
89.5 The Drive Targets Listeners With Huge Retail Purchasing Power.

Source: BBM P12+ who listen to Classic Hits in Canada.

community 3

89.5 The Drive In The Community 

89.5 The Drive is extremely proud of its commitment as the community radio station that actively supports hundreds of worthwhile causes.

At The Drive, we love taking part in community events and getting behind local causes that affect our listeners.

The Drive team also gets involved on a personal level by volunteering with several local organizations and not-for-profit societies.

chilliwack morningshow89.5 The Drive Chilliwack's Breakfast Club 

Glen Slingerland is a 25 year Broadcasting veteran having worked in Abbotsford, Kelowna, Calgary and of course, Chilliwack. Glen brings a uniquely Chilliwack sense of humor from 5:30am to 9am every weekday.

Sadie Sadie likes to keep Glen in line and on track – PLUS Sadie is darn good at stumping Don Lehn with the “Two Second Tune”.

Don Lehn brings over 30 years of News to 89.5.

Together, they are Chilliwack’s morning wake-up call–every weekday from 5:30 to 9am.


woman office4Get New Customers Online

895TheDrive.com & MyChilliwackNews.com - the Best of Chilliwack “On Air” and “Online”

895theDrive.com features:

- Daily Contests on the Chilliwack’s Breakfast Club Page attracting Prize Winners Blogs posted 7 days a week during the Morning, Afternoon and Evening Shows.
- Feature Blog Pages including Great Rides, Cruiser reports and MORE!
- Profile pages featuring our advertisers and music.
- Interactive comments from our listeners daily.


news 5MyChilliwackNews.com features: 
- Local news updates - 200+ stories posted each month.

- Local Sports updates - 75+ stories posted each month.
- Active Community Calendar, Hockey Calendar and feature pages.
- Daily opinion poll with heavy participation.
- Get interactive comments from our readers daily.

Local Radio and Community portals go hand in hand. 895TheDrive.com and MyChilliwackNews.com have quickly become the “go to” location for “Totally Chilliwack” information.

89.5 The Drive Broadcast Map


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